SEO Case Study : Céline Dostaler


The Business:

Céline Dostaler is an experienced criminal defense attorney in the Ontario area that represents clients on a wide range of offenses. She is a bilingual lawyer that understands how stressful being charged with a crime can be for someone and prides herself on her ability to successfully represent clients to ensure their rights are protected and they have the most positive outcome possible with their cases.

The Challenge:

Céline Dostaler serves a diverse bilingual client base and wanted to make her website and the resources it provides were easy for any visitor to understand. She also wanted to provide a way for new clients to contact her for scheduling an initial meeting to discuss their cases. Finally, she wanted to provide an easy way for new and existing clients to stay current with changes in the law by following her blog posts. She contacted the team at Webryze for help with these challenges.

The Solution:

The pros at Webryze analyzed the site’s content and then produced two versions of the site, one in English and the other in French so that visitors could select the language they were most comfortable with. The team also added a contact section with SPAM protection that allowed new clients to email the firm through the site to schedule a consultation. They also scanned the site for important keywords that were used in the blog posts and other offsite content to generate traffic for better search results.

The Results:

The changes the team at Webryze made to the site allowed visitors to read the material in their native language and also enabled them to contact the firm with a few mouse clicks. The content that was added to the blog and other offsite locations helped the site to move into the number one position for the term “dui lawyer Ottawa”. This improved search position helped even more new clients find the site by searching.

  • 230% increase in organic traffic (6 months)
  • A 125% increase in telephone inquiries and requests for consultations
  • Top 5 Google rankings for all major non-branded keywords
  • 77% increase in relevant long tail keyword traffic

Sample Top Ranking Keywords:

  • Dui Lawyer Ottawa
  • Impaired driving lawyers ottawa
  • Ottawa DUI lawyers

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