SEO Case Study : FoamWorks


The Business:

FoamWorks is a specialized insulating company that was founded in 2005 and has helped countless customers improve the insulation in their homes. They serve a wide area in and around Toronto and specialize in spray foam insulation. They work with contractors, builder and homeowners to apply this material professionally. They take a very green approach to insulation and only use products made in Canada in their projects.

The Challenge:

Even though they have built a solid reputation over the last decade, FoamWorks wanted to reach even more customers through their website. They needed to find a way of improving their rankings so more people searching for a professional insulation company in the greater Toronto area could find them. They enlisted the professionals at Webryze to help them rank higher for certain terms that anyone needing their services might enter into a search engine.

The Solution:

The team at Webryze first identified a set of critical keywords that related to the business that FoamWorks performs for their customers. These keywords were then highlighted in a wide range of content that was used on the FoamWorks website and offsite in articles and other blog postings. The combination of onsite keywords and offsite links to the website helped to raise their rankings with the major search engines in a very short amount of time.

The Results:

With the help of Webryze, the FoamWorks website captured the number one position in search engine rankings for the terms like“spray foam insulation Toronto” in less than 6 months. This increase in position was the result of careful keyword research and the creation of a wide collection of carefully placed collateral that included these keywords.

  • 400% increase in organic traffic (12 months)
  • A 200% increase in telephone inquiries and requests for consultation
  • Top 5 Google rankings for all major non-branded keywords
  • 80% increase in relevant long tail keyword traffic

Sample Top Ranking Keywords:

  • Spray Foam Toronto
  • Toronto Spray Foam Contractors
  • Spray Foam Insulation in Toronto
  • Foam Insulation Toronto

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