The Business:

Kenneth Bell CA Advisory Group is a business management group and accounting firm that was founded more than 15 years ago in Brampton, Toronto. They have been helping a wide range of clients manage their businesses more efficiently for more than a decade and a half. The firm also provides expert tax advice and tax planning services. Their professional approach to their client’s needs as well as the combination of business and tax advice helps to separate them from other less experienced firms in the Toronto area.

The Challenge:

The firm wanted to be able to reach a wider audience of new clients that were searching for services they offered. At the same time, they were hoping to keep their existing clients informed about new tax laws or topics of interest. Finally, the firm was searching for a way of making their website a more complete tool for letting their clients interact with their account managers. They called the professionals at Webryze for help with these updates and the team got to work.

The Solution:

The first thing the experts at Webryze did was analyze the site for key terms that potential clients might search for when needing the services that Kenneth Bell CA Advisory Group offered. They then created and posted articles highlighting these keywords at strategic article directories and blogs on the web. This helped increase the relevance of the main site and raised its rankings with the search engines. The Webryze team also established a newsletter that was published on a regular basis on topics of interest to their clients. They added an easy subscription box on the main page of the website so that interested customers could receive these newsletters automatically. Finally, they implemented a file sharing application that allowed clients to send files to their tax and business advisors with a few clicks of the mouse.

The Results:

In three short months the experienced team at Webryze was able to put the Kenneth Bell CA Advisory Group website into the top ranking position on the search engines for the term “business tax accountant Brampton” and dramatically increase their web traffic. They also helped minimize the amount of work and time it took for their advisors to receive critical tax forms and other information from their clients though the file sharing application. Overall the website improvements were a major success.

  • 195% increase in organic traffic (6 months)
  • A 150% increase in telephone inquiries and requests for consultations
  • Top 5 Google rankings for all major non-branded keywords
  • 64% increase in relevant long tail keyword traffic

Sample Top Ranking Keywords:

  • Brampton Accountant
  • Business Accountant in Brampton
  • Tax Accountant in Brampton
  • Small Business Accountant Brampton

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